Why Finush?

We know that many people either can not, or will not, pay thousands of dollars for certification training. This is especially true for those entering the market.

There are a myriad of options now when it comes to self-studying for a certification, ranging from free YouTube videos to subscriptions and of course, the good old book approach. There are a few problems with many of these is the first word in “self-study” – You’re on your own. Finush looks to change this.

Finush allows you to afford certification while still gaining access to everything you need. When you register, you are automatically granted access to a series of on-demand exam videos and pre-test questions while book(s) are shipped to you. These resources will tell you everything you need to pass your certification exam. You use the books to learn everything you might be tested on for a particular subject.

Now comes the most awesome part…

The last part is the Final Push. Days before your actual exam, you attend a hybrid session with a live instructor. You go through the videos one last time, take a final pre-test exam and have real-time access to an instructor certified in the program you are taking.

Book your exam. Take your Final Push session. Pass your exam.

Who is Finush?

Finush was created by me, Graham Thompson. I’ve been a certified trainer (Microsoft, ISC2, CSA) and security practitioner for too many years (around 25, but who’s counting). I also have the privilege of having a McGraw-Hill with my name on it (All In One CCSK).

I made Finush because the cost of official training is out of reach for the average person without a big company paying for training. Also, to be honest, I have self-studied for most of my certifications. It’s hard, but it can be done. I’m simply offering you what I wish I had earlier in my career. My goal with Finush is to push you to get it done and make it easier. Sounds like a win-win to me.