CCSK Exam Prep

CCSK is often the first choice for professionals who are interested in validating their overall competencies in cloud security and gaining a better understanding of the security factors that are commonly associated with cloud computing.

What's Included?

When you register for Finush’s CCSK Exam Prep course you will receive the following:

  • 1 year of OnDemand access to CCSK Exam Prep videos and quizzes
  • McGraw Hill CCSK All-in-One Exam Guide
  • A full day CCSK Finush session with a certified instructor to answer any questions

What You Will Learn

This class will review the key topics found on the most up to date version of the CCSK exam (Version 4.1). These topics include all the major domains from the updated CSA Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing and the ENISA whitepaper.

Finush’s CCSK Exam Prep course covers 16 modules needed to succeed on your CCSK exam and enhance your overall competencies in cloud security.

  • Cloud Computing Concepts and Architectures
  • Governance and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Legal Issues, Contracts and Electronic Discovery
  • Compliance and Audit Management
  • Information Governance
  • Management Plane and Business Continuity
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Virtualization and Containers
  • Incident Response
  • Application Security
  • Data Security & Encryption
  • Identity, Entitlement & Access Management
  • Security as a Service
  • Related Technologies
  • Cloud Controls Matrix
  • European Network and Information Security Agency